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Ebi's ceramic rabbit, cat or dog fountains

Whether your kitty has an "attitude" or not, we have the solution! Your custom “Ebi” can be: dismantle-proof for cats who have taken apart every fountain you've ever bought, “scoop”-proof for cats who make a waterpark out of other fountains. We do this and much more! Like fountains usable in a moving RV, equipped with battery, battery backup or auto-refill system. Our EBI pet drinking fountains are engineered for health, safety, durability and to be a beautiful addition to your home. And: the “Ebi” Fountain is handcrafted in the USA with certified safe materials.
For information on our special fountains, click here.
   Dear Friends, we donate fountains to raise funds for animal rescue organizations on a regular basis; now we are stepping up our efforts to support these organizations even further! We’ll donate $10 with each custom made fountain sold to the registered nonprofit rescue organization of your choice; just provide their name and contact information when ordering. Thank you for supporting those who help our furry friends!!!

We're currently working with Marcia Martin and the Bengal Chatter Forums to raise money for Great Lakes Bengal Rescue and other Bengal causes. You could win a custom made Ebi Fountain, along with other great prizes.
Find out more by visiting the ANNOUNCEMENTS section at www.BengalChatter.com

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To learn more about our special fountains, click here.
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To see fountains we have made, click here.

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We specialize in custom work.
Whatever you want, we'll make it for you

The product editor and her test team at "catnip" newsletter, published by Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, gave Ebi's Pet Fountains a five-paw approval rating among 2012's Best New Cat Products.
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Ash and Bishop love their EBI cat drinking fountain
Ash and Bishop love their drinking fountain:

The fountain with a rechargeable (internal) battery :

This fountain has a rechargeable SLA-battery inside the bowl (runs 140 hours on one charge, so almost 6 days). The fountain can also be plugged in using a power adapter; in this case, without the battery. We can create these fountains in any color and with any spout you like.
EBI-Fountain with a internal rechargeable battery

Fountain Features:

an EBI cat drinking fountain with flower cascade spout

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Overview-fountains currently in stock

World Champion with an EBI cat drinking fountain
For more information about these fountains and to order, click here or on the picture below
Small pet drinking fountains: (hold approx. 0.5 gallon - 2 liter)
Pet Drinking Fountain PF13-078 with tulip cascade spout  Pet Drinking Fountain PF13-091 with flower spout  Pet Drinking Fountain PF14-s5 with high flower spout  Pet Drinking Fountain PF14027 with flower cascade spout
Pet Drinking Fountain PF13-079 with frog spout  Pet Drinking Fountain PF13-070 with bubbler spout

For more information about these fountains and to order, click here or on the picture

Medium pet drinking fountains: (hold approx. 0.9 gallon - 3.5 liter)
Pet Drinking Fountain PF13-090 with water lily spout  Pet Drinking Fountain PF13-055 with flower spout  Pet Drinking Fountain pf14026 with flower cascade spout  Pet Drinking Fountain pf14034 with flower spout
Pet Drinking Fountain with Persian Ccat or crescent moon spout  Pet Drinking Fountain PF13-084 with crescent moon spout  Pet Drinking Fountain PF14-011 with Persian cat spout  Pet Drinking Fountain PF14033 with shell spout 

For more information about these fountains and to order, click here or on the picture

Large pet drinking fountains:
(hold approx. 1.3 gallon - 5 liter)
Pet Drinking Fountain PF13-085 with faucet spout  Pet Drinking Fountain PF14038 with hot chily spout

For more information about these fountains and to order, click here  or on the picture

Special pet drinking fountains:

Pet Drinking Fountain PF14-013 with shell spout   

Custom order & design your "Ebi" fountain:

In 2012, your wishes led Ebi to develop the RV pet fountain ("you drive, the water stays inside" - click for details) and build our first auto-refill fountain, an XL or larger fountain hooked up to a hose or fridge water line. He improved on this concept in 2013, developing an auto-refill system that is usable for smaller fountains as well (this hooks up to a water dispenser for 2.5 to 5 gallon water bottles - click for details.)


Both the Persian (click for details) and the Coon cat fountains (click for details) were born in response to special customer needs: their kitties liked to make their water fountains into waterparks. These new designs keep both kitty and your home dry while offering fresh tasting, running water. With the new “Coon” fountain, the running water is more visible than in the Persian fountain, making it even more attractive to kitty.

We've made especially quiet pet fountains for skittish cats, “monster”-proof fountains for especially large and destructive pets, particularly low fountains for munchkins and bunnies, cat spouts that have the coloring of their Siamese or Bengal owners (click for details), even an iceberg spout with penguin sentinel. Battery-run fountains of all varieties (click for details), fountains custom fit to any space, give us a challenge and we will meet it!

To learn more about "Ebi" Fountain features, click here.
To learn more about our battery solutions, click here.
To see the fountains we have in stock, click here.
To see fountains we have made, click here.

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Pet drinking fountain of the month:

The dog fountain :

Dog Drinking Fountain with a lizard spout
Dog drinking fountain with lizard spout
The water spills out of the lizards's mouth into a recessed bowl and from there through a pre filter back into the large water reservoir. The low voltage pump presses the water through a charcoal filter up through the lizard's mouth and the cycle begins anew. The lizard acts not only as a decorative spout but also as a splatter guard. The wide elevated rim helps keep the water inside the fountain when doggy drinks.

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Reverb and Scherzo exploring their new cat fountain for the first time (Thank you Rachel for this great video) A Sphynx cat with an EBI cat drinking fountain
To see more videos click here :

Custom order & design your "Ebi" fountain:

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Some customer feedback:

J.M, NM:

Not only is the fountain up and running smoothly, it's truly beautiful.  All three cats were immediately intrigued.  As expected, my boistrous Bengal boy is more interested in thoroughly examining it while the Coonies are already slurping away right underneath his paws.  Ha!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


M.D, CA:
Thanks, Ebi!  I purchased a fountain from you several years ago for my eldest cat, Mommy Kat, who needed more water for her aging kidneys ( she and one of her sisters, Mitzi, are on your website!). She just passed at the ripe old age of 19. I attribute the added years to the fountain which she loved so much. Thanks...

M.A.M, OR:

As I suspected, your pet fountain is a work of art. What I like best about it is how quiet it runs and how heavy and safe it is. Most custom fountains have resin on them which can be toxic to kitties over time. I also love that the filter is well hidden and unless my kitties start taking steroids, there is no way they can get to the filter! On the Drinkwells, I finally just gave up tossed the filters and the lids because I was finding both of those items in the strangest places (even the litter pan)! Beautiful wonderful work and it came here perfectly intact.
Weeks later: I still love, love love your pet fountain. Oh well- at any rate I am sharing this exciting bit of news with people who I believe will care-

K.A., GA:
Cats prefer drinking water from a fountain, so I purchased a Drinkwell fountain in 2000. The cats loved it and so did I. I have purchased several fountains over the years.
Unfortunately, my cats developed plastic allergy symptoms -- licking or chewing all of their hair from their abdomen and inside both legs. Watching them constantly licking and chewing upset me because I knew how uncomfortable they must feel. I thought, “Someone must build a fountain using food grade plastic.”
Then I found your website. I know that ceramic is non-toxic. I received my fountain about a month ago. In that time my sweet Russian Blue cat, Sugar, has stopped chewing and licking. I looked at her belly today and the fur is growing back!!! It is about 1/8” long and I can’t see her skin anymore because the fur is covering it.
I am so happy that I found your website. Sugar and I say, “Thank you”.
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a decorative Ebi fountain with water-lily spout You can find my Ceramic Art table-top, wall or garden fountains at "http://www.just-add-water.us"

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